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Laudatio Funebris #2 - Already available

Here's the copy+paste of the zine's announcement:

Laudatio Funebris #2

The second issue of LF is finally available. 52 color A4 xeroxed pages (laser print), written in english, with interviews to:

Celestia (Fra)
Woods of Infinity (Swe)
Corpus Christii (Por)
Lja (Nor)
Stutthof/Acherontas (Gre)
Austere (Aus)
InThyFlesh (Por)
Isolation (Ger)
Ancestors Blood (Fin)
Penitência (Por)
Obskene Sonare (Aus)
Defuntos (Por)

Worship (Ger)
Esoteric (UK)
Evoken (USA)
Stabat Mater (Fin)
The Austrasian Goat (FRa)
Malasangre (Ita)
Grivf (Den)
Wreck of the Hesperus (Ire)
Thoreous (Ger)
Methadrone (USA)
Austerity (Ita)
Canaan (Ita)
Before the Rain (Por)

+ Reviews and an article about cemeteries.

The keywords for this issue are Spirituality and Disease. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

5 Euro + Postage.


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