The Perilous Urge to Sanctify (sicadnauseam) wrote in doom_metal,
The Perilous Urge to Sanctify

Welter In Thy Blood - The Grim Visage Of Death

Welter In Thy Blood is three-piece black funeral doom at it's foulest. This limited edition one sided splattered 12'' contains three tracks of desolation; Hostis Humani Generis, Aegrisomnia, and Death As A Coffer (The first of which can be heard at And yes, it is packaged in a 12x24 full-color poster!. The first hundred of these limited album include a (sickening) red vellum inlay, the other hundred have a normal vellum inlay. Also, the vinyl itself is inked with human blood! Definitely worth picking up, even if it's just to resell it later on Ebay.
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