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Welcome to the Doom Metal Community! Here you can discuss all things doom, be it particular bands, tour dates, the music itself, and other things that are in some way related to doom. There are a few simple guidelines I ask everyone to read in order to have a fun and worthwile community.

1) NO flaming. I understand that a lot of people have their own ideas of what doom is, be it traditional stuff like Candlemass, Trouble, etc., more romantic bands like My Dying Bride, Theatre of Tragedy, or even stoner/doom like Sleep and Grief. Either way, we're all here for the same reason. We all like our music slow, depressing, and heavy.

2) NO spamming. I will only allow this if it pertains to a doom or doom-related community, band, etc. Otherwise it will be delted.

3) Stay on Topic. It's ok if you stray a bit from the actual point of this community, say if you are asking someone where they are from or something of that nature, but if it becomes a habit you're post will be removed.

4) Have fun! Enjoy your stay here at the doom metal community. If you have any ideas on making this a better community please let me know.

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